Team Squash Sunday 22nd June 2014

The newly named Ford/Colwill Team Squash competition was played on Sunday 22nd June 2014 at the army barracks squash courts in Brompton.

The teams were as follows:-

Team 1 – Kenny Hyatt, Steve Winder, Oliver Standeven, Gordon Smith, Jim Leconte, Danielle Smith.

Team 2 – Glen Appleby, Mike Kachere, Mark Smith, Andrew Smith, Lance Mepsted, Andrea Viraszko.

Team 3 – Mark Bottle, Aidan Philips-Smith, Mick Jones, Justin Greenaway, John Davis, Steve Quayle.

Team 4 – Stephen Reeves, Terence Wong, Yemaya Philips-Smith, Spencer Bray, Vince Mtika, Rob Else.

An enjoyable mornings squash was enjoyed by all who attended with Team 4 running out winners with 719 points. Team 3 came second with 658 points, Team 2 ended third with 635 points and Team 1 ended in fourth place with 556 points.

Most of Stephen Reeves team were awarded their medals at the squash courts immediately after the competition but Vince had to leave early for an appointment but was persuaded to come back to the pub later to receive his.

Thanks as always to Len Locke for sorting out the teams with Dinesh Bansal and for arranging the courts with the army and the food over the pub.

Thanks to Danielle Smith for the usual wonderful cakes, more next time please, one slice is never enough!!

And thanks to everyone who came along, another match will be arranged for later in the year.

20140622_134357From Left to Right – Spencer Bray, Yemaya Philips-Smith, Stephen Reeves, Terence Wong, Rob Else.20140622_134128 20140622_134144 20140622_13410420140622_13420520140622_134223


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