Just a small note to let everyone know that England Squash & Racketball has rebranded and is now called England Squash.

In case you haven’t seen it this is their announcement.


England Squash launch new name and announce rebrand in a bid to boost popularity and membership within the sport

The sporting organisation – formerly known as England Squash & Racketball – today unveiled a new name: England Squash, in a bid to be more representative of its membership and drive new fans to the sports.

The name change comes after extensive research and insight work was carried out by England Squash, which consisted of interviews and focus groups with more than 2,000 stakeholders including board members, county associations, clubs and players, which showed ‘squash’ as the most recognisable name in the sport.

Insights also illustrated a real need to get squash back on the map in England and, with this is mind, England Squash is keen to boost committed member numbers by relaunching the sport as an ideal way of keeping fit and healthy in the most social of environments.

Currently, insights have found around 1,000,000 people across England play squash at least once a year.

The rebrand will take England Squash into a new era, and reposition the sports to inspire new audiences and reinvigorate current players.

Connecting, driving and adventurous define the rebrand with a new visual identity effective immediately.

The racketball name will not be part of the organisation’s new name, but the sport will very much continue to be promoted, supported and developed by England Squash.

Keir Worth, CEO of England Squash, said: “England Squash will continue to embrace racketball. We are currently exploring ways to reinvigorate and reposition the game with the World Squash Federation (WSF), and are committed to its continuation as part of the squash family. The launch of the new brand, our values, our name and our logo heralds a new dawn in our organisation’s and the games development. Our new brand will change the way we do things, and we are optimistic that it will drive an increase in participation and help us achieve our vision.”

Your invitation

We want you to be a part of our rebrand and invite you to join us in a special online Q&A with our Chief Executive Keir Worth. Keir will be answering questions on a live webcast between 7.30pm and 8.30pm tonight. The webcast will be facilitated by the BBC’s Jill Douglas.

>> Join the webcast from 7:30pm on Wednesday 18th November

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