Medway Park Signing In

With the new opening and closing times of the Medway Park comes a new signing in procedure.

Due to the number of complaints received by the Centre management with regards to squash courts that have been booked but are not being used everyone that has booked any activity will be required to book in at reception.

A member of the Centre staff has been appointed to monitor and report to the management people who are not turning up and not cancelling courts or activities booked.

In future the Centre will be operating a 3 strikes and the on-line booking privilege will be withdrawn for a month.

It is a shame that it has come to this but the very small minority of people who continually abuse the system are about to affect everyone that uses the Centre.

As as been stated before there is no excuse not to either use the Medway Park’s website booking page or ring in to cancel courts or as the more thoughtful do, report an unwanted court on the Black Lion Squash Club Social Groups page on Facebook. If you are not a member yet then like the page and you will be able to post on there.

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