Club Members League Games

As it is obvious that squash courts are continuing to be a problem for Club league players to book it has been decided that for the next six weeks or so during the break between the Winter and Summer Kent league seasons as an experiment one court is going to be made available at the barracks courts on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7.45 for league players to play their league games. We will need to put a booking procedure in place and this will be looked after by myself Mike Jones. You can text, call or e mail me a request for a time and we will start initially with 30 minute courts. You may wish to consider going along to Club night at 6pm as there is always the possibility that there may not be many Members attending and you may be able to play earlier than 7.45. As we have to give one court up to army personnel each evening if they are playing 7.45 is going to be the earliest we can give over one court for this venture as they are normally gone by that time. This is starting as from tomorrow so if you want to arrange a match then let me know and a court time can be booked for you.

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