Another Warning

Dave Scott was the victim of a theft at the Medway Park last month when his watch was stolen from his bag whilst he was in the shower.

He chased them out into the car park but they disappeared.

As he said the watch was worth no more than £150 but it was the sentimental value that has riled him and the fact that reception lets anyone in without challenging them.

So beware there are thieves about everywhere. Make sure your valuables are locked away if you can’t have them with you.

One thought on “Another Warning

  1. Len

    August 29, 2016 at 7:44am

    Yes its two working together, one get’s in your way to let the other escape.

    Doors all wide open on Friday (early closing) at 8.10, allowing any dosser, drunk, retard, or druggie in, when will they learn.

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