The Pre Match Knock Up

This was first posted a year ago so apologies if you have read it before but I thought it would be worth posting again particularly not only for new Members but also those who continue to ignore court etiquette with regards to knocking up. Please read below and allow your opponent a fair time playing the ball during the knock up.

“Having been asked on several occasions if there is a rule with regards to the number of times a player can play the ball back to himself/herself during the pre match knock up I would refer Members to exactly that question that was asked of Sue Woodhouse, a level 4 coach who tutors coaches, has many years experience of playing and is England Squash’s staff instructor for the south and south east of England, when she came along to take a refereeing and markers course at the Medway Park in 2015. Her answer was that no more than 2 or 3 strikes are acceptable.

World Squash rule states that the referee must ensure that knock up is fair to both players and this means that only up to 3 strikes of the ball are acceptable. The referee can use rule 06 Conduct on Court to issue a player with a conduct warning if the player is warned then continues to play more than the acceptable number of strikes during the knock up.

The knock up is two and a half minutes per side and is for the benefit of both players not just one.

League matches may not be marked but they should still be played within the rules of squash. Please ensure that everyone takes heed and adheres to accepted court etiquette”

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