Developing Coaches Academy

Kent Squash have a Developing Coaches Academy in the county run by the DCA Director Steve Franks and conduct workshops for Clubs and coaches as part of the training for the coaches on the Academy program.

These workshops are however open to all Kent Clubs and Coaches and if you are interested in attending the next one is on Wednesday 5th April (7-9.30pm at Rodmersham Squash Club- subject “Sales and Marketing” – see overview below).

The cost will be £20 per person attending and this includes a resource to utilize post-workshop.

If you would like to attend please e mail Chris Vine –


C & SV Consultants & Associates Ltd

Sales & Marketing Workshop

Overview – (3 hours)

The concept that Coaches should have an informed view of the practical steps and methodology behind successful Sports Club/Centre Sales & Marketing strategies in relation to theirs and their club’s businesses is relatively rare as traditionally they have left this solely to the club/facility at which they work. The expectation (especially from a new coach) has been that the facility will somehow feed them a constant supply of (new) and existing business that will miraculously appear out of either the existing club membership/usership or just from the efforts of the club management via traditional methods such as posters and the odd (too) infrequent newsletter.

However, owing to the constraints of familial budgets, a general squeeze on income and job insecurity, clubs can no longer rely on traditional methods, “being there in situ” and being open and available. Driving sport & leisure activities – especially in the form of a strategic sales & marketing plan has now become vital.

A working knowledge of how to construct such a plan, focusing on outreach work in liaison with the coach & club/centre management is essential in the generation of new users and future life-long participants. In addition, an awareness of how to “tour” “sell” and “convert” those who do attend Open day’s tournaments, take part in outreach schools programs and externally funded (NGB/CSP) programs at the facility, is an absolutely crucial part of the club management toolkit. For example, just putting a date in the diary for an “Open day” is no guarantee in any way that new participants and potential members will suddenly show up out of the blue, immediately join the club, use it (and the bar), have coaching, take committee positions and become life-long members!

Therefore, a facility specific “Sales and Marketing” strategy is needed, coupled and in liaison with the coach (or coaching team), defining a planned seasonal calendar, schedule of events, outreach programs and pre-planned “Open days/events”. This 3-hour workshop will guide the attendees (club and coach) in the following essential skills:

* How to use a simple SWOT analysis to identify the club/coach’s current strengths, opportunities and threats as a basic picture of the current situation

* Construct a seasonal (specific sport related) calendar and Club/Facility Sales & Marketing strategy

* To be trained in simple “Soft Sell” Tour, closing and conversion techniques to encourage participants to attend Open days/events, become members and be excited/animated future users.

* Fully utilise Social Media

* To review in line with the SWOT analysis and the creation of a Sales & Marketing strategy how this could positively impact on a club and coach’s specific business needs and requirements. i.e. for the club how it fits in with the overall facility development and improvement (Vision/Business Plan), and for the coach

How a successful “busy” club could positively affect the evolution of their own personal business, coaching program and long-term financial sustainability.

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