Team Squash

The following is a list of Members who have said they are interested in playing in the Team squash competition which is proposed to be held on Sunday 4th June.

In case I have missed anyone if your name is not on the list please let me know – 07929 670880.

Three Members on the list are not able to play on the 4th but if the majority are then it will go ahead on that day. If you haven’t confirmed your are OK for the 4th June can you please text me on the score as well.

Mick Jones
Sam Rooks
James Norgate
Geoff Bews
Kenny Hyatt
Gordon Smith
Jim Leconte
Mike Sturman (not 4th June)
Richard Osborn
Chris Cooper (not after 15th)
Mark Bottle
Spencer Bray
Andrew Smith
Rob Else
Vince Mtika
Chris Cooper (before last two weeks)
Jo Levermore
Alex Conn
Paul Wilson
Harry Wilson
Sam Millett (away 11th to 19th)
Zoe Talbot
Natalie Malupa
Natashah Wilson (not 4th June)
Stan Tassell
Mike Kachere
Charles Whitfield
Jake Tossell
Bill Thompson (not 4th June)

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