Team Squash 4th June 2017

So far we have 25 Members who want to play Team Squash on Sunday 4th June.

I had forgotten to ask how many will want food over the pub afterwards.

So the list at the moment looks like this with Andrew Smith and myself going for food afterwards and hopefully Richard Osborn’s baby holding off being born until after the competition!

Mick Jones, James Norgate, Kenny Hyatt, Jim Leconte, Richard Osborn, Zoe Talbot, Spencer Bray, Andrew Smith, Rob Else, Vince Mtika, Chris Cooper, Jo Levermore, Alex Conn, Paul Wilson, Sam Millett, Zoe Talbot, Natalie Malupa, Stan Tassell, Mike Kachere, Charles Whitfield, Jake Tossell, Julia Taylor French, Harry, Graeme Taylor French, Roman Zipaj,

Can the following confirm they are ok for the 4th June and any food requirements please.

Sam Rooks, Geoff Bew, Gordon Smith, Mark Bottle, Lee McGuinness, Ranj Singh

Reserve Stefan Stanton

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