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Great news for all players wishing to extend their game.

Due to the standard of squash at Black Lion Squash Club, which seems to be on an upward trend at the moment, and looks to continue, it was decided to increase the numbers of teams in the South East Kent Squash League to five.


This winter we have two teams in Division 1, two teams in Division 2 and the new fifth team in Division 3.



  1. How do I get in the team? Push yourself into the top 5-6 boxes, then speak to Dinesh, Glen, Mark Bottle, Phil Fray or Len.
  2. Would any coaching help? Yes – Kent league squash is like putting your foot in a hot bath, It may hurt at first, but you get used to it.
  3. At the moment we have 38 players involved in the teams, and the fifth team have some 16 players wanting to play, are you one of them or want to become one?
  4. If you want coaching there is a list of the coaches’ on the web site.
  5. How much does it cost? Each Kent league player at the moment pays £10 per game home or away.
  6. Is this costing the club? The club pays half towards the food only. All other costs including court fees, registration of teams, insurance, balls, bar bill etc, is paid by those in the teams, in other words, the Kent leagues sides have to balance their own books.


  1. To the Club player, this is an opening for any Members to improve their standard of play.
  2. New Members or players looking for a club are impressed with the things that we offer, even though we are based at a leisure centre, and I have to add so are a lots of clubs.
  3. We hope to have the Masters Squash event in Manchester at the end of October shown in the Will Adams Pub, so watch the web site.
  4. We are coaching ladies on Thursday evenings, they will be playing some friendlies this season with the hope of starting a Kent Ladies team for next year. More ladies are welcomed.
  5. We hoped to have run two Junior teams this Winter, but we lost some players, and can only play one team. But the coaches are training some juniors which show potential, so out of disappointment comes hope. More juniors/grandchildren are welcome each Friday between 5 and 7pm.
  6. Don’t forget the Sunday Team Squash event on the 20th October in aid of the ‘Help the Heroes’ campaign and food in the pub afterwards.
  7. Our Club has once again stepped forward, with items that we offers to new and old members, as a Club we are not sitting back, we are trying to give everybody an opportunity to improve their game and take part, and we have a lot to offer.
  8. This Committee are not sitting back, they and the Club are going forward, with your support.

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