2015 AGM Agenda


Monday 16th March 2015 20.00
Medway Park
1. The Constitution, Amendments, Formal Adoption.
2. Club Status.
3. Honorary Members.
4. Update Black Lion and the HUB club for Kent junior development for the Medway area.
5. Guest speaker Chris Vine.
6. Committee – new Members.
7. Appointments – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members.
8. Setting objectives of the Club for the forthcoming year.
9. Procedures to be followed if you have a enquiry/concern/complaint
10. Scoring system for ladders
11. Items from Club Members
12. Items from the floor
If anyone has anything to be included or wants items carried over please let me know.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Geoff Dingsdale


One thought on “2015 AGM Agenda

  1. TONY_T

    March 5, 2015 at 1:23pm

    Hello The one thing i would like to raise is this:

    When qualified coaches are asked by the club to be available for coaching, whether this be a group event or a one to one. It would be good to have the following items.
    Some literature on our club, dates and times they can get involved, prices to join and play, get some coaching etc

    When I have been asked to do the Medway Park days, we don’t look at all professional just turning up. I think it would be easier for the visitors to know who we are by reading whats on our shirts and it makes for easier contact for those who are not sure who to talk to. So some branded Black Lion shirts stating “Squash Coach” would be good for the club and the potential visitors

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