2015 AGM Minutes

Black Lion Squash Club England Squash (SRA) Members
Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1HF


Present: Geoff Dingsdale, Len Locke, Jim Leconte, Hamish Sutherland, Glen Appleby, Mick Jones, Gordon Smith, Danielle Smith, Dinesh Bansal, Rob Parry, Mark Smith, Sany Huttler.

Before the meeting began Gordon Smith was presented with a bottle of whisky as a thank you for his hard work whilst he was League Secretary. Thank you Gordon (GD).

Geoff Dingsdale welcomed everyone to the 2015 AGM and started by telling everyone that our application for Club Mark had been submitted to England Squash and we were hopeful that we would be awarded silver accreditation. We had been informed that two coaches were inadmissible as coaches as both had lapsed England Squash coaching membership and neither had the necessary insurance to coach. In order to comply we, the Club, had been asked to remove them from our records, including the web site, as coaches. Completed (GD).

Geoff was advised that there is no one to be made an Honorary Member this year. Ongoing (GD).

Hub Club – Len has been advised by Steve Franks that there is no money to run mini squash as Medway is not considered a deprived area. The money is going to the Elephant & Castle & Beckenham areas (both in Kent apparently), England Squash are providing that money. KCC are being tried for money to go into schools. Rainham Mark did not want to run a mini squash league. Only one member of staff helps so the next 13 weeks have been abandoned. The level of juniors coming along to Friday nights has dropped off dramatically, two courts from 6.20 have been cancelled. Soli has not been being paid as on average only two turn up at 5pm. Geoff, Len and Dinesh to discuss and review in 5 weeks (GD).

Geoff stated that money needs to be set aside as was the £1000 last year. With the intermittent attendance and only playing on Fridays cost are £700 – 800. Sany suggested a summer camp, Rob suggested Saturday mornings. Dinesh made the point that football takes precedence which was why the Saturday was changed to Fridays. Further proposal need to be considered by Dinesh & Len. Possible charging for periods in advance was discussed but consensus was this would put people off further. Dinesh would talk to Soli about continuing. Jim suggested encouraging kids to join the Club. Dinesh reiterated the point that they have so many other things to do now that Friday would be the only night they would come along. See above (GD).

Chris Vine has cancelled his visit at the last moment but it was explained that he is a consultant for England Squash in Essex and wants to set up similarly in Medway. He is sending Geoff some information and thinks that the BLSC does a lot and wanted to find out what we can commit to. Information sent no further action (GD).

All existing Committee Members were re-elected to last years positions with the exception of Mark Smith who becomes League Secretary. Geoff wants to advertise the Chairman’s position next year to see if anyone else wants to take it on.
The main objective of the Club is to bring in more youth. We are an aging Club and we need more youngsters. On going (GD)

Kent league – New captain this year is Sany Huttler. 25 – 30 players have played Kent league this year, some will play the home games but not away. Playing standards have improved due to Kent league, club nights and coaching. The army are very happy with Tuesday night coaching which in turn has brought about success in the regimental competitions. Three quarters of army players now play in our league paying full membership fees. Rob Parry coaches every week. The army have renewed our contract for another year which is helpful due to the current problems with court time at the Medway Park.
On going well done to all (GD).

Geoff suggested that coaching should be offered at Club nights. It was noted that only 13 members had come forward for the free coaching that had been offered. Len noted that the bottom two leagues had played no games again this month. He suggested that the bottom four leagues should be given dates that coaching would take place which may enthuse them into playing their league games. He also stated that this had been tried with the ladies but it had quickly fallen off with people leaving. With coaching he thought that it could not happen at Club nights as this reduces the number of courts down to two and there is more than enough moaning by players regarding court time as it is. It was agreed that more ladies are needed.
Noted (GD).

Financial report – A lot has been done for the Members in the last year although Dinesh was disappointed with the very few that took up the refereeing and marking course that had been arranged and run at the Centre.
A brief outline of the financial status of the club was given by Dinesh. Geoff asked that Dinesh send a full report on all finances and balances to Mick (GD).

Subs to remain at £36 with social members, oap’s and kids at £15. Donations to Club funds are welcome.
Geoff stated that none of the procedures have changed and that each Committee Member has autonomy. All procedures need to be posted on the web site. On going and will be actioned once we receive a report back reference our club status (GD).

Changing the league to a ladder system was then discussed. This would give Members continuous play as there would be no down week every four weeks. Sany stated that he uses WordPress, plug in’s bolt into it. There is a sports management plug in which would work but would take a lot of work to set up. Could run in tandem with existing system. On going and to be reviewed by committee before being actioned (GD).

Items from Members or Floor – None

Meeting closed at 21.25.

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