Ankermill Final

The final of the Ankermill competition took place on Saturday 30th January 2016 at the Medway Park and was played between Dinesh Bansal and Chris Cooper.

The system of handicaps meant that Dinesh was giving Chris a 17 point lead at the start of each game and that appeared a daunting prospect.

In the first game Dinesh won the first 8 points before Chris won his first point but he lost his serve which allowed Dinesh to gather a further 3 points. Chris won the serve and the next point before Dinesh once again won the serve and made 2 further points before tinning the next shot and giving Chris the game at 21 – 13.

In the second game Dinesh came out fighting and although Chris served for the first point he lost that serve which gave Dinesh the opportunity to take control and with some brilliant play without giving Chris the opportunity of a point won the game 21 – 17.

The third game continued in the same vein as the second with Dinesh going all out for a win with Chris holding on until the score was 20 – 20 when an error gave Chris the serve and the lead at 21 – 20. Dinesh immediately broke back and at 22 – 21 again let Chris take back the serve. Chris then lost that serve and Dinesh served out to win the game 24 – 22.

It appeared in the fourth game that all the effort that Dinesh had put into the first three had caught up with him as he quickly lost 7 – 21.

In the fifth deciding game it seemed that Dinesh was still suffering as Chris matched him point for point until he was in the lead 19 – 3. It was then that Dinesh moved up a gear and with some excellent play pulled the score back to 19 – 19 when Chris won the next point and served for the match at 20 – 19. Dinesh punished the serve and went on to win 22 -20.

Well done to both players for providing the gallery audience with an excellent game to watch.



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