2016 AGM Minutes

Please see below the minutes of the 2016 AGM held at Medway Park on the 27th March. Wording in bold is our Chairmans editing notes.


Black Lion Squash Club
England Squash (SRA) Members

Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1HF


Geoff Dingsdale,
Len locke,
Jim Leconte,
Mick Jones,
Gordon Smith,
Danielle Smith,
Dinesh Bansal,
Mark Smith.
Hamish Sutherland
Glen Appleby

Minutes taken by
Mick Jones

Edited & agreed by
Geoff Dingsdale

Apologies, Minutes, Correspondence and Actions of the previous AGM.                                                                                                                   All agreed

Geoff Dingsdale welcomed everyone to the 2015 AGM and started by advising that Chris Vine is to be temporary chairman of England Squash. We need ideas from him (but maybe not adopt them in full) in getting ladies and juniors into the Club. ES funding has been cut and although we pay them a large fee per person we are getting nothing in return. There is also no communication from ES.                                                                             Noted

Unfortunately due to health problems Hamish had asked to step down from the Committee and may not play squash again. Len volunteered to take over the position of Membership Co-ordinator. It was agreed that Jim would start a list of players positions in the league for use particularly with the competitions. He would need Len’s and Dinesh’s input with regards to Members who were Kent league players only.                             Will be missed 

Geoff advised that he will be standing down as Chairman next year (2017) providing someone stepped up to take over the position. He also said that he didn’t mind staying on for a couple of months if the new Chairman wanted to shadow him until he or she was confident in the position.

Nominations for the position are to be sought six weeks before the next AGM.                                                     All nominations to be sent to Mick

Subs are to remain as last years. £36 full membership, £15 students, OAP’s (60 and over) and social members.                                                            All

Finances had been discussed at length before the main AGM and Dinesh is to forward Geoff with the allocations agreed.    Dinesh has detailed accounts    

Monies were allocated to the following:                                                              Discussed prior to AGM and all agreed. Dinesh has agreed figures

Coaching fees for a junior member
CRB checks
Kent league
Ladies team
Tee shirts.

Recognition awards. The following people will get a personal letter from the club thanking them for their work on juniors and coaching:                All

Allam Soliman (Soli)
Gordon smith
Dinesh Bansal
Len Locke
Glen Appleby
Rob Parry
Each will receive a token of our thanks for their hard work over the year.                                                                                                Chairman to action                                                                                                                          

All previous Committee positions were agreed as last year. See website.                                                                                                                               Noted

Leagues and Ladders

Due to the number of times Mark Smith receives requests for players to come back into the league after they have been formulated it was decided that Sany Huttler would be asked to extend the boxes so that they all have 6 positions although the number of players in each box each month would remain at 5.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mark Smith to monitor

It was reported that the second team had won their division in the Kent league, the third team were in the semi final of the cup competition and the first team had been hit by injuries. Craig Blundy had dropped out some time ago with Scott Hews hoping to rejoin. The 4th team had been used to “blood” new players although half the squad had only had on average one game.                                                                               Noted. Well done all

The ladies team was headed up by Danielle Smith and they were currently playing jointly with Cascades.                        Well done to all concerned  

Other Business

There are continuing problems with courts being booked and not being used. It is not only non members booking three or four courts at any one time each night but certain Club members are now doing exactly the same thing. Medway Park are monitoring, members must report failing to front desk.

It was agreed that Committee meetings should take place every six months.                                                                               At a date to be confirmed 

The cost of Level 1 coaching for juniors is to be looked into and when and where the next course is being held.          Dinesh to action as required

Date of Next Meeting To be arranged

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