Team Squash

A Ford/Colwill Team Squash competition took place on Sunday 25th September at the RE squash courts in Brompton.

Four people did not turn up on the day which meant that average scores had to be applied to teams who’s members did not play.

Following the league matches the final was played between Team 2, Bill Thompson (capt), Ore Phillips, Lee McGuinness, Andrew Smith, Lance Mepsted and Charles Whitfield who beat Team 6, Sam Millett (capt), Paul Wilson, Justin Greenaway, James Norgate and Jim Leconte (with sixth score averaged).


In 3rd place were Team 3, Mike Sturman, Roman Zipaj, Gordon Smith and Richard Mace (Team captain and player 3 absent from this team) who beat Team 5, Stan Tassell (capt), Jake Tossell, Bhim Rai, John Davis, Mick Russell and Harry Wilson.

In 5th place were Team 1, Jeff Bew, Mark Bottle, Eddie Conway, Rob Else and Hamish Sutherland (captain not present) who beat Team 4, Glen Appleby, Lewis Stafford, Mick Jones, Leigh Hunte, Len Locke and Natashah Wilson.

The biggest miss from the competition this time was Danielle Smith’s cakes. Don’t let it happen again!!

Thanks to all that came along and played. Let’s hope we can get a full contingent on the next one.

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