Team Squash 4th June 2017


Sunday 4th June 2017 saw a great turn out of Members to play in the latest Ford/Colwill Team Squash competition. Six teams of five players formed two leagues and consisted of Team 1 – Stefan Stanton, Zoe Talbot, Eddie Conway, Roman Zipaj & Julia Taylor-French. Team 2 Glen Appleby, Stan Tassell, James Norgate, Andrew Smith & Alexander Conn. Team 3 – Sam Rooks, Graeme Taylor-French, Vince Mtika, Jim Leconte & Jo Levermore. Team 4 Kenny Hyatt, Karishma Bansal, Mark Bottle, Mick Jones & Harry White. Team 5 Sam Millett, Mike Kachere, Chris Cooper, Rob Else & Natalie Malupa. Team 6 Dinesh Bansal, Anthony Beaney, Geoff Bews, Lewis Stafford & Gordon Smith.

Following the first round the winners of League A, Team 2, played and lost to the winners of League B, Team 5 to pick up the trophies.

Team 1 played and beat Team 4 for third place whilst Team 6 played and beat Team 3 for fifth place.

Thanks to all that came along. It was a great mornings squash enjoyed by all. We also raised £110 which this time will be donated to the Sumner Malik appeal who is, for those that do not know, a 10 year old squash player from Haywards Heath in West Sussex who was diagnosed at the age of 10 with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma tumour, which is both aggressive and inoperable.

There are only 40 cases diagnosed in the UK each year.

Children with the tumour live for nine months on average, but some can die within two weeks of getting the tumour and some live for as long as two years.

There is hope though as pioneering research has been going on around the world and although expensive it is hoped that the treatment will be available in the UK very soon. We hope this is the case and that we have, in our small way, helped Malik receive the treatment he needs.

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