Army Barracks Squash Courts – A Polite Notice!

Dear Members – Unfortunately some of our players have created a problem between our club and our representatives from The Royal Engineers. We are incredibly fortunate to have the use of these facilities and it’s not the first time we have been warned to treat them with respect.

Just so there is no ambiguity, we are being watched and all Black Lion Squash Club members that attend Kent League / Club nights at the barracks on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening need to ensure the following:

  • All litter, plastic cups, banana skins, old squash grips, broken rackets etc. etc. need to be disposed of in the bin provided. Seriously, we’re grown-ups and you shouldn’t need reminding of this.
  • Any time we are using the courts, ALL Army personnel take priority. Always, no exceptions, none! Even if it means we can’t use the courts. They are MOD facilities and Army staff are free to use them at any time, EVEN on a club night. One of our members unwittingly tapped his watch recently whilst Lewis (Army personnel) was playing and it’s not acceptable. If in doubt who is and isn’t Army personnel, please check with whoever is running club night.

As a club, we need to ensure we act better than this otherwise there is a risk we will not be able to use the facility any more. ANY member who chooses to ignore this polite but firm warning will be barred from club nights for 3 months. Sorry it’s come to this, but we need to act better.

On a final note, anybody attending club nights in future, please can you bring the correct change with you. It’s £2.00 each and members bringing £10 or even £20 notes aren’t making the organisers life easy. Furthermore, PLEASE take responsibility to find the organiser and pay on arrival. Again, persistent offenders will now risk being excluded from future club nights if this continues.

So, hopefully everybody now knows what’s expected. Let’s get back to playing squash responsibly, safely and enjoy!

Kind regards

Rob Else – Chairman.

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