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The Black Lion Squash Club was formed in 1978 by the then management of the Black Lion Leisure Centre which is today the newly extended and prestigious Medway Park in Gillingham, Kent. In 1979 the management was given over to the Membership and it became a private Club.

Back in the 70′s and 80′s squash was a very popular sport and the Club boasted over 200 Members. Squash has had its ups and downs over the years with membership falling to a low of only 50 and although it has risen in popularity again the Club is always looking for new members particularly juniors who will enjoy playing league squash, Kent league, Club nights and internal competitions.

If you want to learn or already play and would like to join our Club then we run a Club night at the Medway Park, Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent on Saturday afternoons from 2.40 until 5.20 and we would be pleased to meet you.

All levels of players from juniors to advanced are welcome. We have coaches from Level 1 to Level 3 to train juniors and give lessons to those that would like to improve their game. We run training evenings for juniors each Friday from 5.40 until 7.00pm at the Centre. Please see the contact details under the Coaching tab.

For more information please contact our Membership Co-ordinator Len Locke on 01634 846312 or 07790 156601

One thought on “About Us

  1. PAUL_W

    January 3, 2016 at 1:14pm

    Hi everyone,

    How good am I at Squash??? A question we’ve all asked ourselves and have
    undoubtedly been asked by friends when we say we play squash. Well a definitive
    answer is on its way!

    Currently our Kent League matches along with leagues and tournaments across the
    UK are filtered into a ranking system called Squashlevels.com The system uses
    various logarithms to accurately adjust your ranking based on the scores that
    are submitted based on who you are playing and the subsequent scores of the

    To enable me to add you to the system I will need you to inform me of when you
    have played a league match, who you played and what the score was. To ensure the
    system is as accurate as possible this needs to be the actual match score i.e.
    (9-5)(9-5)(3-9)(9-7) = (3-1). If you email or text me the result on
    paulh.wilson1975@gmail.com or 07795516456 I will verify the score with the other player prior
    to entering it on the system. It would be advisable to agree and make a note of
    the score at the end of the match to avoid any disagreements because if a score
    cannot be verified by both players then it won’t be entered.

    Best thing is to log on and take a look at the system. The ‘About’ section
    will give you a better more comprehensive overview. You can filter by club,
    county and a multitude of other fields. The advantage is it give you an accurate
    way of monitoring your squash performances, plots your progress on a graph as
    well as gives you your ranking in the club (this helps when setting up annual
    tournaments), the county and even the Country which is always cool to know.

    To find your initial ranking score this will be done based on what club league
    you are in or wherever possible if you are in a league with a player with an
    existing ranking then the system will calculate your ranking score based on your
    match result against this person. I think it will take several matches for the
    system to readjust and bed in for newly added players.

    This is really useful data to have both for the club and for you, so if you are
    keen just make sure you email me your scores!!!

    Any questions just let me know.

    Kind regards,
    Paul Wilson

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