The current Committee for 2017 – 2018 is as follows:-

Rob Else Chairman
Dinesh Bansal Treasurer
Tariq Chaudry League Secretary
Jim Leconte Competitions Secretary
Mike Jones Club Secretary
Len Locke Kent League Manager & Club Development Officer
Len Locke Membership Co-Ordinator
Glen Appleby Welfare Officer
Danielle Smith Press Officer/Ladies team co-ordinator

Any of the above would be pleased to deal with any question regarding the Club so please feel free to contact them using the contact details on the Members Directory page.


A Chairman’s Message for 2013

I would like to wish every Member a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

This time of the year is time for reflection and what a reflection the club has had over the last 12 months.

I am truly amazed at what the Club and Members have achieved:-

  • Run the squash element of Transplant Games.
  • Picked up an achievement award from Medway Council.
  • Received praise from England and Kent Squash for commitment to the game and the Transplant Games.
  • Become part of the Sports Maker programme in Kent.
  • Our coaches and youth development team have visited various schools and colleges.
  • We took part in World Squash Day and hope we have helped get squash into the 2020 Olympics.
  • Made 3 honorary members – Len, Hamish and Eddie. I stand in awe of these Members attitude to life and their commitment to the sport. Between the 3 of them they have almost 220 years of life and are still playing, (I can feel my bones creaking just writing about it)
  • Members have gained their Grade 1 and 2 coaching qualifications.
  • 100 members.
  • 12 ladders
  • 4 Kent league teams
  • And of course our fabulous juniors who are proving that with the right encouragement and guidance they can achieve amazing standards (Kent colours)

All of this topped off with a new website (well done Sany).

There are Members I would personally like to thank for their hard work and dedication to the Club and sport, not to mention keeping me on the straight and narrow and giving invaluable guidance to me. These are in no particular order:-

Mick Jones for his continued drive to make Club nights open to all and encouraging new Members, plus his dedication to keep all informed on Club matters.

Richard Gibbs for all his work and dedication running and maintaining the web site over the years.

Len Locke, Jeff Fray and Soli for their vision and drive to get youth into game. This was a difficult programme to implement and lesser people would have given up. You should feel proud of your achievement so far and I look forward to writing about your future achievements.

Hamish Sutherland and Jim Leconte for their continued hard work in organising leagues and competitions. Without your dedication and hard work we would have nothing.

Gordon and Sue Smith. Sue because she has allowed Gordon to coach, promote and in-between take over as League Secretary organising the Transplant Games, and visiting schools. Thank you Sue, keep up the good work. You know he gets under your feet! Gordon just do what Sue tells you.

I could go on, but as the Chairman I am proud of what the Club has achieved and I must admit without the personalities of the Members the Club would be boring. So keep doing what you are doing and this year will be better than last.

Geoff Dingsdale


2 thoughts on “Committee

  1. Len

    January 15, 2013 at 10:40am

    I too would like to add my thanks not just to the Committee, for keeping this wonderful Club going, but to all the Members.

    We have a friendly Club and we have a great time, not just playing this wonderful sport but commitment from everybody.

    We may be based at a leisure centre but we are the leading Club in the Medway area.

    On the Juniors side (they are the future of any Club) we have a great bunch on the Friday nights sessions being coached by Soli, Dinesh, Gordon, Glen & myself.

    But of course we would like some more. So how about getting your young brother/sister, grandchildren etc. to come along, the more the merrier. If they become committed to the Club, they will be the future of this Club.

    I would also like to say many thanks to Richard Gibbs for starting the Clubs web site, when a lot of us didn’t know a thing about HTML and the rest.

    Thanks again Richard, and thanks to Sany for taking it up to the next step. But without Richard idea’s from the start we would be still in the dark ages. Anyway the Club owes you. Len

    • Mick

      January 16, 2013 at 3:55pm

      As Len and Geoff have said the Black Lion Squash Club is the best Squash Club in the Medway Towns.

      With almost 100 Members we have been called the friendliest and most accessible Squash Club in the County.

      And with our Juniors doing really well our Club is going from strength to strength.

      Of course thanks must go to the Members without whom the Club would not be as thriving and vibrant as it is today. Special thanks to the Committee Members for all the support and hard work in building the Club to the levels that it has reached over the last few years.

      And very special thanks to Richard Gibbs for his vision and bringing the original web site into being. We are still learning what we can do and how to use the new site so any input into the improvement of it would be very welcome.

      Club Secretary

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