Referee & Markers

Kent SRA is arranging a Referee and Markers course at the end of November, its open to  anybody that plays squash. Its FREE and takes about 2 hours, then you go home and do the test paper on-line,  it would give you a better insight, and giving you the knowledge for a ‘Stroke’ or ‘Let’ […]


Recently those of you that come to the barracks club night, have experienced a longer than normal time wait for a game. The Committee has always been forward looking because of our enjoyment of squash, we have therefore been in touch with the Army whose courts we use.


Check out the page ‘My Bookings’ if you book on line. I’ve just had two booking ‘Un-Paid’ for Golf at Deangate, and one for ‘Step Classes’ If you don’t get them cancelled you may receive a demand to pay from Medway Council, so check MY Bookings lads/ladies.