The RE have agreed to allow us to use the Courts on the following dates and time Wednesday 27th Dec Between 1800 hours until 2000 hours Thursday 28th Dec Between 1800 hours until 2000 hours Saturday 30th Dec Between 1400 hours until 1600 hours. TAKE YOUR RUBBISH WITH YOU OR BIN IT.

Barracks Painting Finished

Yes the painted finished at the barracks courts, Wednesday & Thursday Club nights are back. This Wednesday you have a Kent League match to watch from 7.40 onwards supporting the team. Thursday we have BOTH courts from 6pm until late…RUBBISH IN THE BIN PLEASE…Third court available for RE Personal. Will advise the RE court times […]

RE Squash Championship Tuesday 31st October to Thursday 2nd November

CORPS OF ROYAL ENGINEERS SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS 31 OCTOBER – 02 NOVEMBER 2017 1. The Corps of Royal Engineers Squash Championships will be held at 1 Royal School of Military Engineering Regiment in Chatham over the period 31 Oct – 02 Nov 2017. This event will be followed by the Army Inter-Corps Championships to be played […]