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How good am I at squash? The answer is now here. All the clubs Kent League matches have been filtering into a nationally run ranking system called for several years now. This being a nationally recognised squash ranking system with the system now being affiliated to Squash England. This is great system which uses very clever logarithms to calculate player rankings based on the scores of their matches based on a combination of both their own and their opponents existing ranking score.  Internal Club Box league scores have been added for several months now so the system has had enough time to bed in and is now a pretty accurate reflection of rankings within the Black Lion members. The system only uses competitive matches so only members who have played in either the internal box leagues or represented the club in the Kent League will be shown.

By clinking on your name, the system will display varying information about you including your match history, scores, your performance statistics as well as a graph which easily highlights how you are performing.

As mentioned before the more information you put in the more accurate the system. Currently most box scores are totals i.e. 3-1 etc. Should you wish to submit your actual games scores i.e. 9-3, 9-6, 9-7 then these can be added. This can be done by either texting or email your score to or 07795516456.

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